Monday, May 10, 2010

Errands never stop.

Monday, Monday, Monday.  Time to start another new week.  Are you awake yet?

Mother's Day was very nice.  My teenager was quite determined that I know how much she loves me.  After visiting FIL we came home and I was going to clean the kitchen.  She said, "No!" and she cleaned the kitchen herself.  Then when it came to dinnertime, Tim grilled steaks and the teenager made the baked potatoes.  While dinner was cooking, she then went to the little girls' room and made sure they cleaned it.  LOL!  She was very helpful and showing her sweet side.  Awww! 

You never know when the teenage attitude will sneak back in though.  You gotta take when you can get it.  ;-)

I have more errands to run today.  They never seem to end.  The school year is coming to an end and I go into crazy mode to get it all done before I have three kids tagging along. Once school is out, most of my daytime errands will involve fun things with the kids to keep them out of the house while Tim sleeps.

Today I have to go buy groceries.  That in itself will take up most of the morning.  This is my one big shopping trip for the month and it always takes a while.  The rest of the month will consist of small trips for staples.

I want to share the first Amazon review on Time For Death!  It was posted on May 1st, but I didn't see it until yesterday.  Stop by and check out what Sherie Anderson had to say in "Her best yet!"

It makes me happy when someone shares that they enjoy the books.  I'm guilty of this myself, but it's hard to get people to leave feedback for books on Amazon, so it's extra special when someone does.

Before I go, be sure to stop by the Facebook Fan Page.  We've been discussing werewolf movies, Supernatural, and romancing vampires and werewolves.  I love reading all the answers!  Some of them crack me up!

Okay, I'm off for today.  Time to head out and get things done.  Tim starts night shift this week and this will be the only day I'll have him awake in the daylight hours.  I better get as much out of him as I can.  LOL!

Have a great Monday.  :-)