Saturday, August 6, 2011

Newsletters Need Love Too

Some of you may recall that in previous years I had a monthly newsletter. However, finding the time to get a monthly newsletter out each month without simply regurgitating stuff that was already on the website and/or all the social networks became more of a chore than I was able to keep up with. So, I informed the subscribers that the newsletter would cease. Some were quite upset and let me know that they'd miss it dearly.

That brings us to the present. A newsletter is a huge benefit to any author and their fan base, so I've started a new one. This newsletter will only be for big announcements, new book releases, appearances, contests and giveaways. Basically, the big stuff. It will go out 3 - 6 times a year, as need dictates to share new developments with everyone.

I decided to make this decision immediately when one of my regular readers, a lady who buys each and every book I release, didn't know about Dark Promises until it had been out for two months. Eek! That was the quencher!

If you're a regular follower, or even just someone interested in knowing where I might pop up next (Book 'Em NC in February!), then please stop by and join. With the newsletters only going out 3 -6 times a year you won't have to worry about a full inbox from lil ole me. :)

Come on, sign up today! You know you want to. :)

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