Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Review Request (I might be begging!)

Good morning, lovely readers! I hope the week is treating you kindly, and that everyone close to you is staying safe and healthy. 

This week I have a request from all of you that have read my books, and I hate to ask it, but reviews are the bread and butter of an author's life. We need them to sell more books, rank higher on book selling sites like Amazon, and even to gain a little "Hmm" from higher ups in the publishing world who may be interested in doing more with our books.

It's a necessity in the book world, and even I'm bad about not rushing over to leave reviews right after finishing a book, but I'm determined to do better. It was actually one of my goals for 2020. :) 

I know I have a lot of readers just from the comments, emails, PMs, texts, phone calls, and every day life, so please consider taking a few minutes of your time and leaving a quick review on any/all of the books you've read. It means the world to me when someone does.

While you're over on the Amazon Author page, take a second and hit that "+Follow" button to make sure you get up-to-date info from Amazon. :)

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Thanks, everyone! Know that I appreciate every one of you. <3

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