Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #40

Morning all.  Welcome to Hump Day and this week's edition of Wanna Know Wednesday.  I've decided that after 40 weeks of WKW, once I hit number 52 this topic will be over.  I figure that by now, and with the inclusion of Thursday Thoughts, you more than likely know everything there is to know about it.  And if you come up with something new, I'll either eventually come around to that, or you can feel free to ask me.  :-)  I don't mind questions, just so long as they aren't questions from my list of pet peeves.

Nonetheless, there will be twelve more WKW entries and then that's it.  If you want to know something I haven't already shared, ask away.  :-)

Today is another day of writing for me (aren't they all?).  I have no laundry to deal with, the kitchen's already clean, Tim will be paying his new Xbox game...  It should be a decent day for working on Liz's story.  I'm looking forward to reaching the 25K word count.  For some reason reaching that point makes the rest go much faster.

10K was a big deal for me.  20K is great.  But 25,000 means halfway!  You're halfway to finished, halfway to the end of November.  Sure, the story is crap, probably makes no sense, has holes in the plot the size of the Grand Canyon, but it's still your story.  Rewrites can fix all the problems mentioned, if you can make it to the end.  You can't finish if you give up.  Keep moving forward and you'll get there... eventually!

Okay, enough babbling.  Here's this week's Wanna Know Wednesday.
  1. I like to hang out in shorts, tank tops and/or pajama pants during the day.
  2. My feet get cold very often, but I hate wearing socks.
  3. I floss every day... at least once.
  4. I wash my face at least twice a day.
  5. My hair spends the majority of time in a ponytail or hair clip up away from my neck, especially in bed at night.
  6. I'm behind on my tv shows and will finally be watching the last episode of True Blood's season 2.  I can't believe that we have to wait until next summer for season 3. :-(
  7.  I've never had a completely manuscript sitting here while working on the next one.  The whole agent game is a new one for me.  But a very exciting game nonetheless!
  8. I'm so very grateful for all of my readers!  Readers of my books, readers of the blog, readers on Facebook and Twitter, you're all important to me and quite loved!
  9. Currently my fingers and toes have zero polish on the.  Ack!  That very rarely happens.  What color should I go with next?  I'm always up for new colors if any of you need gift ideas.  *wink, wink*
  10. Yesterday I told Tim that I wanted something pretty and sparkly for Christmas.  Preferably something that'll hang from around my neck.  Think that's plain enough for a man who never picks out my Christmas gift on his own?  Probably not!  LOL!

That's it for this morning.  I'm off to charge the battery in my mp3 player and then get to work.  Liz and her sex drive wait for no one!  Oooohhh la la!