Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Death Howls Twice Release Day Giveaway

(I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I'd rather be giving stuff away!)

Happy Release Day!  Woot, Woot! Today's the day Death Howls Twice releases to the world. This fifth installment of Liz Baker's world finds Liz surrounded by werewolves ready to fight. And Monty doesn't help the situation any.

Here's the back cover description:


On the way to her Atlanta estate, the limo carrying Liz and her friends is slammed into by a random SUV on the interstate. During the aftermath of the crash, Monty whisks the injured group off to a nearby ranch run by some of his trusted friends.

While everyone is recovering from their injuries, Jake and Mary Matherson ask Liz for her help in rescuing their daughter from a nearby mad man who previously abducted her for his own twisted reasons. Liz reluctantly agrees after hearing there’s a vampire helping the enemy. Who could this vampire be? Is it Gregory trying to mastermind another attempt at swaying Liz to his side? But how could he even know she’d be at the Mathersons’ ranch?

After a destructive ambush directed by an unknown traitor, Jake Matherson is captured and the rest of his group looks to Liz and Monty to rescue not only him and his daughter, but to also destroy the enemy  and find out the spy’s identity. Will Liz be able to bring Jake and his daughter back safely, or will the unknown traitor and vampire trip her plans up before they even get started?

This book took longer than I expected, what with my kids being out of school for the summer and all, but in my usual celebratory fashion, here's the release day giveaway you've been waiting for!  There will be 8 winners this time and the prizes are as follows:
  • $5 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • 1 e-Book copy of any Liz Baker book of your choice
  • Goodie Box w/ Mug, Necklace, Playing Cards, and a Bookmark Collection
  • The 5-book Liz Baker series in paperback, autographed
  • 4 Death Howls Twice Key Chains
All you have to do is join in on the Rafflecopter below. Most of you will be able to rack up some easy points because you're already Facebook fans and Twitter followers, etc. So go forth and enter!!  Be sure to share with all your friends and help me celebrate the completion of another book.  :)

Snag an e-copy today for only $3.99 everywhere and $3.19 on CTR!  (The paperback will be available as soon as a last minute cover issue is resolved.)

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