Thursday, January 15, 2015

Can you take a moment to vote?

Happy New Year, readers, friends, and family! I hope 2014 ended happily for you and that 2015 brings new joys and adventures in your life.

I ended 2014 by celebrating my oldest daughter's journey into adulthood. She turned 18 on December 30th and her one request was for a Chuck E. Cheese party. And boy did I comply! LOL. She was so embarrassed, but it was exactly what she asked for. :P

The new year brought on a desire for change, so I've spent the last week painting my house. Fresh, clean walls in a new, bright color makes the house look so nice. Granted, the color I chose looks a good deal brighter on the walls than it did on the sample card, but it's growing on me.

With the new year brings another voting opportunity at Preditors & Editors. Over the years several of my books have placed in the top ten, and I'm hoping this year is no different. To Kill a Demon has been nominated for best cover, and boy does it have a beautiful cover. Currently it's listed in 10th place, but it fluctuates (it was in 6th place a few days ago). So if you can find a moment, please stop by and give it a vote. Be sure to use a valid email address because they will send you a vote verification link.

Next up for me is the annual Book 'Em NC event in Lumberton, NC. I attend every year and enjoy seeing all the authors new and old, as well as my beloved fans in that area of the world. This year I'll even be sitting on a panel (Eek!) about creating fictional worlds. But more about that next month. :)

Happy New Year!