Friday, August 26, 2011

Official cover for Balans

It seems to have taken forever, but really it's only been a little over 2 months since I signed the contract to sell the Turkish translation rights to five of my books. And since they will be releasing them in Turkey in the order they were released here in the US, A Midnight Infatuation is first out of the gate.

Balans, the Turkish edition of A Midnight Infatuation, was suppose to be released in July, but we all know how the publishing world is full of pushed deadlines, late release dates, and downright frustrations. This was no different. I still don't have a solid release date (and this frustrates the hell out of me), but at least the cover is finally done.

I was sent the cover for Balans a couple of weeks ago, but my name was misspelled (missing the last "i" in Christie). I didn't think it would take too long to add that itty bitty letter, but I was wrong. Anyway, here's the completed front and back cover for BALANS.

I think it turned out amazing and was ultimately worth the wait. Next up is the big release date, which of course I'll let you all know about when I find out. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Wall-of-Covers

Each time I have a new book release I order a mini-poster of the cover, frame it, and then hang it on my family-dubbed Wall-of-Covers. I hope that one of these days I'll have a private office filled with framed covers, but for now I just have a wall. ;)

Last weekend I'd finally gotten around to framing the posters for Dark Promises and Alex & Fiona Forever. So Tim and I thought it would be a good time to take all the others down, dust them, and rehang them. Tim grabbed his laser level and we went to work.

So here's a little glimpse into my wild world. As you can see, there's plenty of space for another row of covers. ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Newsletters Need Love Too

Some of you may recall that in previous years I had a monthly newsletter. However, finding the time to get a monthly newsletter out each month without simply regurgitating stuff that was already on the website and/or all the social networks became more of a chore than I was able to keep up with. So, I informed the subscribers that the newsletter would cease. Some were quite upset and let me know that they'd miss it dearly.

That brings us to the present. A newsletter is a huge benefit to any author and their fan base, so I've started a new one. This newsletter will only be for big announcements, new book releases, appearances, contests and giveaways. Basically, the big stuff. It will go out 3 - 6 times a year, as need dictates to share new developments with everyone.

I decided to make this decision immediately when one of my regular readers, a lady who buys each and every book I release, didn't know about Dark Promises until it had been out for two months. Eek! That was the quencher!

If you're a regular follower, or even just someone interested in knowing where I might pop up next (Book 'Em NC in February!), then please stop by and join. With the newsletters only going out 3 -6 times a year you won't have to worry about a full inbox from lil ole me. :)

Come on, sign up today! You know you want to. :)

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turkish release of A Midnight Infatuation

Just a little update on the Turkish release of A Midnight Infatuation (Alex & Fiona, book 1):

Yes, it was suppose to release in July, but that's how the publishing world goes. Looks like it'll be an August release instead. My editor assures me that all is well and the book will be out soon. She let me know that the Turkish title is BALANS, which means "balance" and is apparently a very popular word in Turkey.

She also sent me the back cover summary. I don't know Turkish, so I used Google Translator on it, and we all know how that goes. Makes for some funny translations. Anyway, here's the Turkish version with the English translation: BALANS plot summary.

Now I'm waiting to see some cover art and then it should all be set for release in Turkey. Once that's complete I'll share purchase links for this newly translated edition. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chickens and Novels

No, I haven't lost my mind. Yes, I know you're thinking that chickens and novels have nothing in common. However, I've come to realize that raising chickens and writing a novel do, in fact, have a lot in common.

Two weeks ago one of my hens laid her first egg. I wasn't expecting any of them to start laying until mid- to late August, but there it was, our first egg. It took her a few days after that before she started laying one perfect egg each day. Now we just wait on the other two hens to catch up with her.

So what does that have to do with novels?

You raise these little fluffy chicks, putting all your care and attention into them, making sure they have all the ingredients they need to become healthy and productive egg layers, and then you toss them out into the world hoping for the best. Just biding your time, waiting for your payback in return for all you've given.

And then the big day arrives! Your first egg(s)! All the care you've put into your chickens has now paid off. And if you're anything like me, you coo and praise your girls each morning as you collect the lovely little gifts they've left for you.

Still not getting how it's like a novel? Well, let me see.

You put your heart and soul into writing your story. You make sure your characters behave (or don't) according to plan. Their perilous journey makes everyone life difficult, but eventually it comes to completion and the story is over. You edit, and edit, and edit, and then you have someone else edit, before you edit again. You pay attention to every little detail, putting all your care and attention into it, making sure it has all the ingredients needed for a healthy and productive future on the book market.

Sound familiar?

In the end, you just have to let it fly and wait to see if all your hard work is going to pay off. And when it does, you coo and praise it for all the lovely little gifts it leaves for you in the shape of loyal readers and royalty checks each month.

Pictured above are the first four eggs my hen left for me. We made a pancake and eggs breakfast with them, and they tasted better than any eggs I've ever had. :)