Friday, May 2, 2014

To Kill a Demon Cover Reveal

This week I revealed the cover for my upcoming release, To Kill a Demon (Liz Baker, bk 6). This latest installment of Liz's world is scheduled for release in June. In case you missed the cover, here you go.

I think it turned out quite nicely. My cover designer always does a beautiful job and each time we put a new cover together she surprises me again. I give her a few paragraphs of details about the story, ideas I have for the cover, and reminders about a few points we keep consistent from cover to cover, and in no time at all she pops out something wonderful. I don't know how she does it. Love you, Kelly!!

On another note, if you're on Facebook you've probably noticed all the changes that have come about lately. The pages you like aren't showing up on your newsfeed like they used to. Sometimes I have to actually go hunting for the ones I like to read the most. Sooooo, if you're a fan of my page, would you be so kind as to stop by and click to get notifications. This will ensure you receive all of my updates in the future.

Don't know how to get notifications? Well, I'll tell you.  :D

First, go to my page at
Next, hover your mouse pointer over the LIKE button, a drop down box will appear and you click on "Get Notifications."

It's just that easy. We'll stay connected and you won't miss out on the news when I have new releases, reveals, appearances, and giveaways.

I hope you have a great weekend!