Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, June 1st!

Morning! Welcome to the first day of June. Summer starts this month. Yay!

Today I was able to hang out in bed until 8am. Then Tim started texting me saying "Get up. It's not fair." LOL! I told him not to pout just because he's at work and I'm on Summer Break. LOL! Poor boy.

It's another gorgeous day outside this morning. The girls will be hitting the pool after lunch, so they should be nice and tired when bedtime rolls around this evening. I'm going to throw a roast in the crock-pot for dinner in a little bit. Tim won't be cooking this evening since he's working today. However, when he does get home the two of us will spend some time in the pool. By then the kids will be done with their time and all tired, so it'll be quiet for us. ;-)

I plan on having a peaceful day. We have no appointments or a schedule to keep. We aren't going anywhere at all today. I'm doing laundry, I've cleaned the kitchen, the girls have some rooms to clean and a few other chores to do, and I have writing to get done while they're in the pool.

We've had a little change of wedding plans.....

We decided to move the vow renewal ceremony from Key West, Florida to Tybee Island, Georgia. Many of you already know about our love for Tybee, so it seemed only natural that we'd want to have the vow renewal there. Tim says we'll go to Key West another time, just fr a vacation, but he agrees that Tybee is better for our renewal.

Not only that, but it's cheaper. LOL! I've found another great wedding coordinator for Tybee that I'll be working with. I can't wait for April 2011! It's going to be so much fun.

Okay, I better go. The washing machine has stopped and the youngest is apparently going through the kitchen junk drawer for no good reason. LOL!

Have great Monday and make the best of this brand new week!


Sunday. The last day of May 2009.

Wow, where did May go? I can't believe that tomorrow will be June 1st. Half the year is almost over. Sheesh!

Well, let me see. This past week... the girls' last day of school was Wednesday. That night the oldest came down with whatever the other two had already been dealing with. She was sick for Wednesday and Thursday, but all better by Friday. We just hung out at home Thursday anyway. I let them watch movies and lay around all day for their first day of summer break.

Friday, Tim was home, the girls were home, and we didn't have anywhere to go until later in the afternoon. Sooooo, we all slept until 8 a.m. and it was nice. After lunchtime I had to go to the bank, went shopping with my sister, dropped the kids off to spend the night with my mom, and then Tim and I went out to do our grocery shopping.

We came home with about a month's worth of groceries. Makes for a HUGE shopping trip, but keeps me from having to get so much from week to week.

After that, Tim and I enjoyed a peaceful night alone. I love that my mom takes the girls every other Friday night. Gives us that alone time to look forward to twice a month. :-) Thanks Mom! *Smooches*

Yesterday, we spent the morning cleaning the pool, putting chemicals in, and making sure it was warm enough for usage. Mom brought the girls home a little before lunch and they were chomping at the bit to go swimming. However, everyone had to wait for the chemicals to settle down first. I knew it woul be late afternoon before they'd get to play.

We cleaned house, mowed the grass, checked on the garden, discovered two tomato plants on my flower bed from last year. That was a nice surprise, especially since one is about to bloom. I hate tomatoes, but Tim and the youngest love eating them... so I plant them.

It was about 3:30 p.m. when I finally told the kids to get their suits on and headed out to the pool. We played until after 5 and then came in to start dinner.

Tim had a whole seafood dinner planned last night. We got hooked on this meal the first time we ate it while on vacation on Tybee Island. Boiled shrimp, crab legs, corn on the cob, red potatoes, and smoked sausage. I'd never had smoked sausage with shrimp until then and it's sooooo good! So we commenced all of our cooking and enjoyed a feast about 45mins later.

Today we visited the in-laws, had lunch with them, and then came back home. The girls basically walked in the front door, put their suits on, and walked out the back door to the pool. LOL! They've been out there for the last 2 hours now. Tim is watching a Nascar race and I'm listening to my mp3 player and getting some writing done.

It's been quite the peaceful Sunday so far. I've gotten about 2,000 words written so far (not including this blog entry, lol) and the girls seem to be having a good time. I can see them from my window here where I'm writing. The youngest will run in every so often and need to potty, but the other two are jumping and splashing around.

Tonight Tim is going to grill BBQ chicken for dinner. Gosh, I'm going to have to stop eating during the day if he's going to keep feeding me so well throughout the warm months of summer. LOL! I normally eat like a bird in the summer, even forgetting to eat meals or just scavanging for cheese and crackers many days, but with him home cooking for me... hell, I can forget about losing those 16lbs I want to lose before vacation. LOL! Maybe I'll burn it all off in the pool. A girl can hope right? Guess I'll have to jack up my workout routine to make up for it all.

Okay, that's enough of a break for now. I must return to my book writing. These books don't write themselves, you know! ;-)

Before I go, I'm still aiming for 1 million pageviews on AC. I'm at 861,000+ right now, so stop by and see if you can help boost it for me. Just choose an article (or five) and do a little reading. Reading is something everyone should do. ;-)

Lastly, I finished my June newsletter yesterday. It'll go out on Wednesday, so if you aren't subscribed and would like to be, now's the time to sign up. Join Christie's Monthly Newsletter

That's it! So long, farewell, have a great new week. :-)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

The first day of summer break!

Welcome to the first day of my summer break! The girls are now out of school until August or September (the school system is considering a month later than usual for next school year, but haven't made the official announcement yet, lol). The youngest let me sleep until 7:30am and I didn't crawl out of bed until 8am.

The older girls are actually still asleep right now and it's 20 'til 9. Wish they'd sleep like that all the time. LOL!

I don't plan on doing much today. I'm currently watching "New in Town" and working online. Around lunchtime I have to run out for an errand and to get the mail. I might take the girls for icecreams while we're out too.

Well, the midde daughter came home last Friday sick with a fever. That lasted through Saturday and by Sunday she was better. Then the youngest got the same thing with fever and vomiting on Tuesday, through Wednesday, and is all better today. Now the oldest started coming down with the fever yesterday afternoon. So she will be sick today and *should* be all better tomorrow. Sheesh! Fingers crossed that Tim & I don't get it.

Poor Tim had to go to work today. Thursdays are usually an off day, but they ae working to make up for being off Monday. At least he'll have an extra 8 hours on the paycheck next week for the holiday. He's hoping to buy himself a new, bigger grill with the extra cash. LOL.

Well, I guess I'll get back to the movie and enjoy our first day of summer break. Hopefully soon it'll be warm enough to enjoy the pool and then it'll really feel like summer. THEN our beach vacation!! Woohoo!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #16

Good morning all. It's the last day of school here, and we woke up to rain drizzling outside. Not only that, but the youngest has caught whatever the middle one ad over the weekend. Oh joy!

I was suppose to be dropping the big girls off at school, coming back home for breakfast, and then going back to school for a play and award ceremonies. However, in the life of being a mom things can change in the blink of an eye. The older girls understand that I will not be attending any of the school activities this morning with a puking, feverish 4 year old by my side. I did makeplans to pick them up early after all of the events have been concluded.

Life with children never has a dull moment, that's for sure. LOL!

So anyway, it's raining, it's the last day of school, and I have a sick little one. That's not how my Hump Days have been going, so I'm not too distraught over one ruined Wednesday. LOL.

I was planning on doing some excerpts from my Alex & Fiona books for this week's Wanna Know Wednesday, but with everything going on I just haven't had time to gather them together for you. Sooooo, today's topic list is simply 10 random facts.

Wanna Know Wednesday
10 Random Facts
  1. My vegetable garden is growing wonderfully! I can't wait for fresh veggies.
  2. I get several versions of my daily horoscope in my email every morning.
  3. I'm highy intrigued by all things Wiccan. Though I can never find the time to research much of it.
  4. There is a Wiccan-like wedding ceremony in my second Alex & Fiona book, A Birth at Dawn.
  5. I'm very picky about who I add as a friend on my Facebook account. I have to either know you, or we have to have several mutual friends. Unless of course you send me a message letting me know who you are. LOL.
  6. When it comes to my MySpace account the rule is: No picture, No add! And I always check the page to make sure it's not a spammer/porn account.
  7. I am sooooo excited for July 24th to get here. That's analysis day for Tim's vasectomy!! Woohoo!
  8. Second to that, I'm loving making all the plans for our vow renewal in Key West. It's very exciting and something I've always wanted to do since our wedding was so small the first time.
  9. I'm looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow after being up so many times with the youngest last night. Cleaning up puke in the middle of the night without my contacts in is not something I enjoy.
  10. Lastly, I hope the sun comes out at some point today. The pool will never warm up without sunshine. :-(

That's it for those this week. Maybe next week I'll have time to share some book excerpts like I wanted to do. Oh, and next Wednesday will also be the day my monthly newsletter goes out. So if you aren't already a subscriber, now would be the perfect time to do that. :-) The link is at the top of the page, above the countdown tickers.

I guess I better get to work now. I have some laundry to do, a dishwasher to start, and writing to contemplate doing. LOL. Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's My Blogoversary!

Woohoo! It's my Blogoversary today. This day marks two whole years of life for my little blog. It has evolved and changed a lot over the last two years. I love my blog!

Today is also the next to last day of school for my older girls. They go today and then tomorrow will only be a half day with all of the awards and parties and just randomness. I'll drop them off at 7am tomorrow morning and then have to be back over there by 9am for awards. Then after all of that I'll just bring them back home with me. I think the last day of school is just pointless.

Today, on the other hand, is just another day. I'm sure the girls won't do anything at school, but at least I won't have to be there for it. LOL! I'm doing some housework and trying to prepare the house for the summer of screaming, running, fighting, playing girls who can never seem to go a day without whining, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do!" Well, at least until the pool is warmed up. ;-)

Tim is back to work today. Instead of just working Tuesday and Wednesday, his work has them working Thursday as well to make up for them being off yesterday. That means more pay on his check next week, but one less day home. Ah well, what can ya do? We just go with the flow and see what happens next.

One of these days I'll be able to have that man home with me all the time. Until then I've told him to just enjoy his three-day work weeks to their fullest. One of these days he may have to go back to five days and then we'll be missing each other terribly.

Well, I better get going now. I think the washing machine has stopped and the dishwasher will be stopping soon. The livingroom needs to be vacuumed and the youngest is finishing up her breakfast. I would also like to get some writing done before tomorrow. And I hear Tim texting me. :-)

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Good afternoon everyone. Are you having a nice Memorial Day? Any big celebrations going on where you are?

We have been sooooo busy around here during this long weekend. We wanted to get the pool opened up this weekend, but before that Tim wanted to take some trees down that don't allow as much sunshine onto the water. Therefore, it takes much longer for the water to warm up and become comfortable. Sooooo, Thursday, Friday, and a little on Saturday we were cutting trees and cleaning them up. We added to our firewood stack for the fireplace. LOL.

Then yesterday we finally got the pool all ready! Yay! I love our pool. I love being able to just go outside the back door and jump right in. I love that I can send the older kids out there and the will stay outside for HOURS at a time. I love watching the 4year old swim around and around all by herself. It's so much fun. Maybe one of these days I'll have a bigger, in-ground pool, but for now we will just enjoy what we have. :-)

I think we've been outside so much this weekend that the bugs have stopped biting us. LOL. I have some nice boob tan lines going on and Tim has a line across the back of his neck from his necklace. It's been fun and we got so much accomplished.

Today we're just hanging out. We got a new solar cover for the pool and put it on today. It's *suppose* to warm it up to 8 degrees more than just the sunshine. Hopefully that will help right along with the trees being down now.

Later this evening Tim is going to grill out hamburgers and hotdogs. I think my sister and her man are coming over at some point today, as well. Basically we don't have any plans at all today. It's nice.

Then the weekend will be over and the big girls will finish off the last two days of the school year. Wednesday is their last day and then summer break! I get to sleep late for a couple of months! Woohoo!

All right, that's it for today. Back to the family and the gorgeous day outside. I hope that you're having a glorious Memorial Day. :-)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay, it's Friday!

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the weekend! My weekend actually started yesterday, but I still love Fridays.

Today was a busy one. Tim & ran my usual Friday errands (gas, groceries, etc.) and then we came home and worked outside the rest of the morning. By the time we took a break it was time to go pick the big girls up at school. So off we went and then bck home afterwards. Once back, we returned to the yard work.

Right now he's off to help his dad with something and then he'll be grilling us bbq pork chops for dinner. Yum! I'll make some potato salad and deviled eggs here inside for us as well while he's grilling the meat and corn on the cob. We picked up enough fixin's for him to grill out every day this long Memorial Day weekend that he's home. Woohoo! Less for me to do. Gosh, I love this time of year!

We have a busy weekend out outdoor work planned. We're hoping to get our pool opened up and ready for play. Tim has been working on clearing a few trees from around the pool area to open it up more to the sun (and thus warming the water faster).

Our land is very wooded and was never touched until we built the house here all those years ago. So over time we find that this tree or that tree must come down. He took 6 down just for our garden this year and has taken 5 down in the backyard since yesterday. We've been busy.

Oh and my grandmother has some things she needs Tim to do this weekend too, so we'll probably be over there tomorrow morning.

Hopefully by Monday we can just relax and enjoy all of the chores that have been completed. I certainly hope so anyway. LOL! Heck, I hope I can see a nice set of tan lines by then too!

Okay, I better get going. Tim will be back soon and it'll be time for showers, dinner, and relaxation. I'm looking forward to bedtime, as well. ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend ad enjoy it to the fullest!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #15

Good morning all. Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday. The temp is moderate right now and the sun is shining brightly.

I took the big girls to school this morning and then came home to make breakfast for the youngest. We had just started eating when the phone rang. It was the oldest telling me she'd forgotten some money for her Beta Club and begged me to bring it to her. Sheesh! LOL. So breakfast got put on hold so that I could run her money to school. She was very gracious though and that made it better. You can't resist when your 12 yr old (who thinks she's 16 most days) gives you the, "Thank you sooooo much, Mommy".

Ah well. Spoiled children are part of raising happy, healthy, and loved kids. Of course that doesn't mean they don't get their share of punishments. Hell, the exact same sweet 12yr old from this morning is currently grounded because she was signing up for websites without asking permission first. Luckily it wasn't anything dangerous, but she knows where I stand on website monitoring and she didn't ask first. This was her second offense so she received a 1 month grounding from the computer. Kids!

Okay, so it'sWednesday. That means it's time for Wanna Know Wednesday!! *Said in my best game show host voice*

Today's topic is.............

10 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Weekend!
  1. Tim being home for 5 days! Yay for Memorial Day!
  2. Not having to cook because Tim is on a grilling out kick when he's home. LOL!
  3. Only 2 days of school after this week.
  4. Staying up later.
  5. Sleeping later. LOL.
  6. Getting the pool ready for swim season! I miss my pool.
  7. Doing a little writing.
  8. Relaxing.
  9. Making more vow renewal plans.
  10. And just spending time with the family.

It's nice to know that this week is nearly over. Today is Tim's last day of work this week and he'll be off until next Tuesday. Unfortunately, next week he'll be working on Thursday to make up for his work being closed Monday. But hey, he'll make an extra 8 hours of holiday pay for next week's check. LOL.

Maybe I'll even convince him to take the girls to school in the morning! Well, a girl can dream, right? LOL.

He was just asking me what I have planned for dinner tonight? Um, it's only 9am. I have no idea! LOL. I think it's worked out though. Like I mentioned above, he's on a grilling out kick right now. Soooo, looks like I'll be getting some steaks into marinade in a little bit. The girls will have left overs from last night's spagetti dinner and Tim will grill our dinner when he gets home from work. It'll be late since he doesn't get home until 6:30pm, but that's fine when it's just the two of us eating at that time.

I guess it's time for me to go get some housework done and run to the store for steaks. I've already started the laundry and watched the new "My Bloody Valentine" dvd (fantastic horror movie if you're into that kind of thing, like I am!). However, I have more to do.

Have a great Hump Day! I hope you enjoy it. ;-)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Key West in 2011

Good afternoon all! How has your Monday been? Mine has gone fairly well. I wasn't feeling up to posting my blog entry this morning though. I was more inclined to watch the season finale of LOST from last week that was still sitting on my DVR. LOL It was a great finale though.

The sun has been shining brilliantly all day. It's a bit cooler than usual right now (only 67 at the moment), and it's kind of windy, but the day is truly splendid. I wish all Mondays could be this lovely.

So, Tim and I have set the date for our vow renewal ceremony. We will renew our declaration of love and commitment on April 8, 2011. I wanted to do it on our anniversary (April 9th), but with the amount of driving we will be doing going to and from Key West, we would be too rushed if we have the ceremony on the 9th.

Sooooo, on Friday, April 8, 2011 Tim and I will have the fancy beach wedding that we didn't have the first time. We will be barefoot on the sand with a backdrop of the sun setting on the ocean. Should be lovely!

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it on here, we've chosen that anniversary because it'll be our 17th. Since we got married at the age of 17, that anniversary will mark us being married to each other for half our lives. Seems appropriate to do a vow renewal at that time. :-)

Now, I have less than 23 months to get it planned, coordinated, paid for, and find a house for us to rent for that entire week. This will also serve as our vacation for that year, so we want to be down there for the week. We've never been to Key West, so if anyone has lodging recommendations feel free to let me know. ;-)

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to all of this. I've already contacted a wedding coordinator down there who has shown me a gorgeous beach location that would suit the ceremony perfectly. The pictures probably don't even do it justice.

As the months go by, and ideas turn into plans, I'll share links and pictures. I'm not going to bother doing it now because, well, I'm a woman and we change our minds all the time. LOL! I have an "idea" of the dress that I want, and have even picked out a few online that I'd like to try on, but that doesn't mean one of those will be the winning choice. LOL. You just never know.

Okay, enough rambling for today. I'm off to take a shower since my day is coming to an end now that the kids are home from school. I'll have to cook dinner in 2 hours and then Tim will be coming home. Anyone with Key West suggestions, feel free to let me know all about them. To my local friends: If you think you'd like to join us for the celebration, feel free to let me know. :-)

Have a great afternoon/evening!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Saturday morning.

Morning all. It's Saturday! Time to relax, be happy, and enjoy your family and friends. :-)

The girls ended up staying last night with the in-laws, so Tim and I had a peaceful evening. We grilled out chicken breast and corn on the cob. We had a few drinks (I was quite tipsy) and just enjoyed the evening together.

We went to bed to the sounds of a thunderstorm outside. It was lightening and rattling the house around us. However, the burning candles and soft bed helped distract us from the world around us as our attentions were focused on each other. It was nice (as always).

This morning we drug ourselves out of bed at 8am. You never know when the kids will be ready to come home, and they usually come home especially early when they stay with the in-laws (that's a whole other issue). However, we got about two hours of quiet before they arrived. Tim got steaks into marinade for us to grill tonight, I cleared out my emails, we watched a little television, and had some nice time to talk uninterrupted before the children burst through the front door and chaos ensued. ;-)

It's noon here now. The laundry is washing, the kids are cleaning their rooms, I've given the youngest a bath (the girls stink when they come home from the in-laws' house--they smoke), and I've been getting some online work done. Tim is playing the Xbox.

This afternoon sometime, the kids are suppose to go to my mom's for the night (yes, we're getting TWO nights alone. WOW!!!). Tim has plans to grill steaks out for the two of us for dinner, but he also wants to run by Old Navy sometime to see what new men's shorts they have out this year. LOL! He loves those loose, comfy, swim/beach shorts. He wears them around the house all the time.

Who knows what will happen? We usually just go with the flow on the weekends. We'll see. Either way, I plan on relaxing and enjoying my time with the man I love (like always).

At some point I need to take off my old nail polish from toes and fingers and pick a new color for the next week. Maybe I'll go with a purple this time. Hmm...

Okay, before I head off, I had two new articles published yesterday. Stop by and check them out if you get the chance. Also, I'm still trying to hit the 1 million pageviews mark on AC, so feel free to check out as many of my other articles as you'd like. ;-)

SAHM: Where to Advertise Your New Playgroup

SAHM: Scheduling Your Day

All right, that's it. I hope you're having a fantabulous day! If you're one of my Facebook friends, don't mention my drunken Facebooking last night. LMAO! ;-)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursdays are for burgers!

Good afternoon to all of you lovely readers! How has your day been? I hope that it was a good one and that you will soon be able to enjoy the evening in peace.

Thursdays are the beginning of my weekend these days. Tim is home on Thursdays and when we're together it's all about... well, US! LOL. Therefore, I never get much work done and it starts the weekend. :-)

We went out this morning because I needed a new ink cartridge for my printer. We also picked up a few things for dinner this evening, and then back home we came. I had to print out some paperwork for the refinance we are working on with the mortgage company, and then I mailed them off this afternoon.

We hung out for a few hours here at home, had some lunch, had some of each other, and then it was time to head to school for pick-up time. It was quite the productive morning. ;-)

Right now we're at home for the rest of the day. Tim is going to grill burgers and hotdogs out for dinner tonight (YUM!), and I'll mix us some alcoholic drinks to go along with it. Then at 8pm we will enjoy the season finale of Bones. Woohoo!

For those who have asked me about our progress after Tim's vasectomy. Well, remember how I said my research shows 12-24 "times" to clear out the "boys"? After this weekend, we'll be past 12 times. ;-) And yes, tomorrow marks 2 weeks since the procedure. LOL!

He's healing perfectly (apparently, right?) and hasn't had any major issues at all. There was some swelling after he went back to work, but that was to be expected. We had the doctor take a look at it and he said it was just from Tim overworking (could have been the sex the day after too, LOL), and for him to just take it easy last weekend. That didn't happen.

Anyway, all is well, everything works, and I give it another 2-3wks before we hit #24. ;-) Of course we still won't know for sure until the analysis on July 24th. But by that time he'll be wayyyyyyyyyy past 24 times. LOL!

Okay, I'm off to mix some drinks and get Tim to fire up the grill. It's 4pm now, so we'll be eating by 5pm and kids will start heading to bed at 7pm. Woohoo!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #14

Good morning out there in cyber-land! How is everyone? It's Hump Day and I hope you're able to take full advantage of a brand new day. :-)

This morning there was a little sunshine, but then clouds started rolling in and now it's dim outside. We had two days of sunshine, so I guess it was only a matter of time before he clouds came back. I am sooooo ready for summer to arrive.

Speaking of summer, this week's Wanna Know Wednesday topic is:

10 Things I Love About Summer

  1. Sunshine all the time.

  2. Getting a good tan.

  3. Swimming in the pool everyday.

  4. Going to the beach

  5. Wearing sandals & going barefoot.

  6. Watching the kids play in the sprinkler.

  7. The excitement of taking a vacation.

  8. Not having to get up early.

  9. The slowness of a lazy summer day.

  10. Relaxing outside with Tim while grilling out and drinking something fruity.

I love summer! Yes, it gets pretty darn hot down here in Georgia, but I love it! We go on a beach vacation every summer to Tybee Island, Georgia. We weren't going to go this year since Tim will be losing his job in August. However, he decided that he wasn't going to let that stop us. We usually go for seven days, but this time we're going for three days. Just long enough for us to have a good time and get our yearly dose of the beach that we love so much.

We'll be heading out on July 30th and will return on August 2nd. Then he'll have three days of work left (with August 5th as his last day), and the girls will go back to school on August 6th. It will be a very busy two weeks at that time.

Oky, enough rambling. I must get going now. I have a load of laundry to fold, another load is drying, and I need to throw my bedsheets into the wash. After that it's writing time! Woohoo! :-)

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love sunshine!!

Woohoo! This morning we have sunshine! I even had to wear my sunglasses to take the girls to school. Woohoo! I love sunshine. It makes me happy!

Oh, speaking of sunshine, our vegetable garden is sprouting up all over the place. Right now I have corn, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers all sprouting beautifully. Yay for fresh veggies!

Well, let's see. Today I have writing to do, a phone call to make, and... hmmm... wow, I think that's all I have for today! How did that happen?! That's odd for me. I may actually get to finish the book I'm reading if that's all I have to do today. LOL!

Oh, I know! I'll do some baking this afternoon too. I'm all out of my dinner rolls in the freezer, so I guess I'll make a couple of batches to replenish the stash. Over the weekend I made my first batch of cinnamon rolls from scratch. They were pretty good, and not a single one went to waste once Tim and the girls got a whiff of them. LOL. Fifteen cinnamon rolls gone in a matter of hours. :-)

All right then. I guess that's it from me this morning. I'll make a phone call when 9am arrives and then my day should be fairly peaceful. It's about time! LOL.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Morning in Christie's Wet World!

Good Monday morning all! I woke up to yet another wet morning. I do see some blue skies peeking through, so hopefully the day will turn out pretty anyway. *Fingers Crossed*

So far this morning I've washed 2 loads of laundry, took the kids to school, had breakfast with the youngest, and texted with Tim. I need to wash the sheets, clean the ceiling fans, make some phone calls, do some writing, and figure out what I'm going to make for dinner tonight (need time to thaw something).

Ooohhh, speaking of writing!! Over the weekend, I finally discovered the ending to Time For Death!! FINALLY! It has taken sooooo long for the ending to come to me. Usually my stories flow out fairly quickly, but this one has been dragging its feet on me. Finally, Liz has decided that her story can end. I'm soooo looking forward to getting this story finished so that I can move on to the next one. I have so many projects in the works right now, but I like to finish one completely before finishing the next. I work best that way.

So anyway, Liz has finally finished her adventure with Marcus. Now I have to go back and hit the editing schedule hard. Edits take almost as long as the actual book writing. However, I think edits are easier than the first draft because you're not coming up with a brand new story. You're just fixing, changing, adding, deleting from the one you've already written.

Nonetheless, Time For Death has an ending and I'm thrilled to pieces about it. Tim seems pretty happy about it as well, since that means he won't have to hear me complain about fictional characters not dong what I'm telling them to do. LOL! It's a good thing he loves me so much, or else he'd probably think I'd gone crazy all these months. LOL! Luckily, he understands my creative process an just lets me work through it in my own way... even if that means him listening to me bitch about people who don't exist outside my imagination. LOL.

Okay then, I better get busy for today. I always have so much work to do and so little time each day to do it all in. So no lolly-gagging about for me! I hope that you have a fabulous day and that the sun shines brightly on your life.

To all the moms, I hope that you had a great Mother's Day yesterday and that you were shown just how much you're loved. :-)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Evening.

Good evening all! How has your weekend progressed? I hope you're enjoying a lot of peace and quiet. Tomorrow is Mother's Day for of us moms. I hope that your kiddos make you feel as special as you are.

I can't believe that I haven't posted an entry since Thursday morning. I think I mentioned that Tim & I had an appointment Thursday afternoon that I was a bit anxious about. Well, it went better than I expected! I came home with a satisfied feeling and $400 knocked off of our monthly finances. Woohoo! With him losing his job in August, I'm doing everything I can to prepare us and our finances for that event. We will make it! Now when/if the mortgage refinance goes through soon I'll have another $300 a month knocked off. Fingers crossed! Who couldn't use $700 a month knocked off?!?

Okay, so yesterday was a typical Friday with all of my Friday errands to do. We got groceries, paid bills, ran some errands, and then came home in time to have lunch and, well, a different kind of *lunch* (smoochie, smoochie! LOL!) before I had to rush off to school to pick the big girls up.

Last night Tim decided to grill some steaks for our dinner. I absolutely LOVE it when he cooks for me! Then tonight he decided to grill salmon for us. YUM!!! Two nights in a row!!! Woohoo!

Tim's healing nicely from his vasectomy. I had to take him Thursday morning for a little re-check, ad the doctor said it all looked normal... especially with how hard he works all the time. Why is it so difficult to get that man to slow down and rest when he needs to? Sheesh!! LOL.

We've also been taking great care in getting those 12-24 *releases* taken care of before his analysis on July 24th. LOL!! In the last 7 days, we've taken care of that 6 times. Hmmm... only 6 to 18 times to go!! LMAO!!

Okay, I better go. He wants me to come sit with him and do some drinking while the grill warms up for our salmon. Yum!! Mike-aritas here I come!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it really Thursday already?

Wow, I didn't realize it was Thursday until I looked at the calendar. With Tim being off yesterday it kid of threw my days off. However, it is Thursday!

Luckily, it's not raining this morning. It's still cloudy, but no wetness is coming from the sky. That makes it a bit better than the last week has been. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain at all today.

Tim and I had a nice time together yesterday. He's recovering very nicely from the vasectomy last Friday, as well. He seems to be completely back to his normal self. :-) Now we just countdown to July 24th, which will be 12 weeks since the vasectomy, and the day we can get a semen analysis to make sure all is clear. ;-) Woohoo!

From my research before the procedure, I've discovered that doctors think it takes 12-24 "times" before all the "boys" are cleared out. If that's true, then we certainly wouldn't need the 12 wks for that. LOL! More like maybe 4 weeks (if that). Hahaha!

Anyway, today I have an article to write and then later Tim & I have a meeting to go to. I have two articles currently waiting for offers. Articles definitely aren't my passion (I much prefer my fiction), but articles pay me much quicker than fiction does. LOL. In this economy, you gotta do what you gotta do... and for me that means writing more articles. Oh well, I'll get back to my fiction as soon as I can.

So I guess that's it for this morning. I have some housework and that article to work on. Then I can spend the rest of the day with Tim before picking the kids up at school and heading to our appointment this afternoon. Here's hoping that it's a good day. :-)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #13

Good morning all. I woke up before the alarm clock this morning from the rumbling of thunder and lightening. Yay, more rain.... NOT! Sheesh! When will it all stop? Ugh!

On the upside, Tim is home with me today. His dad is having a procedure today to see if he has throat cancer again. I'll never understand why he didn't quit smoking the first time he was dealing with this mess. Now it may be back, but oh well. *Sarcastic tone*

Okay, so most of you know that I'm trying to hit 1 million pageviews on my Associated Content articles. I'm getting closer with each day, and each peek at my writing. Thank you so much for those who are reading. As a recap, here are the latest articles in which I'm doing a stay-at-home mom series.

SAHM: Naptime - To Clean or Not to Clean

SAHM: Taking a Trip on a Budget

SAHM: Finding a Playgroup

I hope that you'll stop by and check them out. I have one more waiting for an offer (yes, I do get paid for this stuff, lol) and many, many more that I need to finish, or begin, writing.

Since it is Wednesday, it's time for my 13th installment of Wanna Know Wednesday. This is the day for purely random facts about lil ole me. Some may be interested, and some may be mundane, but you never know what you'll find! LOL.

This week's topic.....

The Last 10 Movies I've Watched
  1. The Uninvited
  2. The Brothers Solomon
  3. Days of Darkness
  4. 100 Girls
  5. Quarantine
  6. Teeth
  7. Awake
  8. Mirrors
  9. Max Payne
  10. King of California

Well, the rain has picked up and the 4 yr old is being a pain. Tim is putting her in the corner as she screams, "I'll be good!" though not really being good considering she's not minding. LOL! Ahhh, the joys of a 4 year old. And it's not even 7am yet.

I have to take the big girls to school in this mess. Yuck. But at least I'll be inside the rest of the day.

Have great Hump Day all!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Tuesday, I suppose.

It's yet another dreary morning here. I'm starting to not be happy about this weather. Blah! I can take a few days of rain, but when you sart coming up on a week I start getting a bit depressed. Is it summer yet?

On the upside, the temps are nice. I have had my windows open for days and days. We've even been sleeping with the bedroom windows open each night. Well, except for last Friday night when it was raining so hard and loudly that we could even hear the television when we were watching it. Had to close them at that time.

Soooo, what's on the agenda for today? Hmm... I've already washed two loads of laundry, watched last night's Medium episode, cleared out my emails, written an article, ate breakfast with the little one, and Tim has started today's texting marathon. LOL. I need to finish a second article and submit both, and then do some more work on the outline I've been working on the last two days. Oh, and I need to stop by my sister's house at some point today.

I've been trying to keep busy this week. I have to work off my extra energy some how since Tim is off limits for a few more days. LOL. He usually does very well at tiring me out every night, but after our "play sessions" on day 2 and day 3, well, needless to say, he was very sore. So I've had to turn him down for his own sake. LOL. Poor guy. ;-)

He had a long work day yesterday and ended up having to rest more than usual when he got home last night. I babied him and brought his dinner to him (which I don't normally do), and he laid on the couch bored out of his mind.

With the way our livingroom is situated, the couch is on one side all by itself, while the loveseat and chair are on the other side of the room together. We usually sit there, together. So with him on the couch he was all by himself. However, as soon as I sat in the floor next to him, he laid his hand on my shoulder and fell asleep! Apparently I relax him, or though he says. Awww!

He's never been able to sleep well if I'm not right by his side. If he's toucing me he can fall asleep in a matter of minutes. However, if I'm not there, he will toss and turn for hours before finally falling asleep.

When he worked nights and slept during the day, he was always exhausted, but we had kids and I couldn't move my schedule to his. I hated those nights, especially when the youngest was a newborn and I was home all alone and up all night. It was rough.

Anyway, I'm off to get my work done. Gotta get that second article done so I can submit them and move to my beloved fiction. I love my fiction! :-)

Have a great day.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, it's not raining this Monday morning.

Good morning all! Welcome to the start of a brand new week. I soooo did not want to get up this morning. I was sleeping fairly well when the alarm clock went off for Tim. Then thirty minutes later I had to get up too. Blah!

Even though I didn't want to get up, it has already been a fairly productive morning. I cleaned up my bedroom a bit, vaccumed it, stripped the bed & washed the sheets, cleaned up the kitchen, swept the floor, and all of that before I took the kids to school. After I got back from doing that I foded a load of towels that were drying when I went to bed last night, fed the four year old, and am now watching Friday's Prison Break episode on the DVR while doing this entry.

Whew! And I've only been awake for an hour and a half!

I still have lots to do today though. I need to take some trash off, do some writing, wash some curtains, work on some outline work that I started yesterday, and a few other random things here and there. It's still soooo wet outside from all the weekend rain that I won't be able to do anything out there today. Oh, and I need to do my daily workout in a little bit. That always makes me feel perky! :-)

Tim seemed to be doing well this morning. He went on to work and appeared to be walking normally when he kissed me good-bye. He'll be texting me in a little bit, so I'll find out for sure at that time. Luckily, he hasn't had much swelling and hasn't had any bruising at all. The incisions are small and healing nicely. And, well, we discovered that certain body parts still work properly. LOL! It was totally HIS idea, even though the doctor "suggested" waiting a week. LOL! He was paying for that a bit yesterday. LOL. Poor guy.

Well, I better get going. It's time to get my exercise done so that I can get into today's writing projects. Have a fabulous week!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

A rainy Saturday.

Today has been one rainy, dreary day. However, it's been a very nice day for me. Tim and I woke up to a peacefully quiet house because my mom had the girls last night. Even though no one was here, we still woke up at 7am. We ended up just laying in bed and chatting/laughing/joking/teasing for two hours. Didn't climb out of the bed until 9am. LOL!

Tim is feeling much better today. He doesn't have any swelling or bruising at all. His soreness is at a minimal level as well. He even went to town with me and walked around a bit.

Since I usually buy groceries and do errands on Fridays, and we didn't get to do them yesterday, I went out this afternoon to get groceries. Tim happily tagged along. He wanted to drive (it was storming pretty badly), but I refused and made him ride instead of drive. LOL! He's none too happy about me not letting him do anything yesterday and today. Nevertheless, I don't care! LOL! He'll just have to suck it up and be happy. ;-)

After we returned home from shopping, he and I curled up on the couch with the laptop straddling our laps and did some window shopping for a motorcycle. He's been wanting one for quite some time, and he wants us to take it when it's just the two of us going on a trip, so we did some pretend shopping for the future. Yes, eventually we will buy one (when we have the extra money), and it sure is fun to window shop, look at different styles, and try to pick out just the right one that would suit the two of us perfectly. He thinks he has it narrowed down to a particular few, but who knows when the time actually comes. LOL!

We are daydreamers at times. It's fun to dream about the future. We enjoy the present as much as we can, but we like to think of the things we will do and the places we will go when we're able to. I have so many plans for the two of us, and I'm the type of person who will make sure that those plans do happen when the time comes. LOL.

Okay, now I'm just rambling here. :-) Today has been nice, even though it's so nasty outside. Right now the youngest is in bed, the older girls are watching a tv show in their room, and Tim is waiting on the Nascar race to begin. I'll be doing some story outlining here in a bit while the house is quiet. Maybe I'll get a little work done before Tim starts vying for my attention. LOL. ;-)

Have a great Saturday night!


Friday, May 1, 2009

It's all over now.

Whew! Today is finally coming to an end. And boy, has it been a long one.

So Tim's appointment was suppose to be at 10am this morning, but the office called yesterday and wanted him there at 9:30am instead. So we headed out a little earlier and got there at 9:20.

Tim took his valium and they let it kick in nicely. Well, the next thing we knew it was 10:20 and I was asking WTF? I told the office girl that we have a schedule and kids, so when would we be getting to the procedure. Apparently the patient before Tim had gone overschedule unexpectantly and it was putting the doctor behind. However, it wasn't but another 8 mins, or so, before Tim was called back.

Thirty minutes later, Tim came wobbling out and said, "It's done!" LOL.

He was feeling fairly well on the drive home. We picked up the youngest and then grabbed some lunch to take home with us. By the time we made it home Tim was asking for his pain meds. Poor guy. He's doing well, and I do believe his pain is pretty minimal for the most part, but tomorrow he'll most likely be very sore.

When we first got home he just had to show me the incisions. LOL. They are very tiny and looked good and clean. I'm sure they will heal quickly and he'll be feeling tons better by the time Monday rolls around.

Anyway, that's it for today. I'm off to give him another dose of pain meds and see what he wants to eat for dinner. My mom came and got the girls for the night, so it's quiet at the moment. Unfortunately, there won't be any "playing" for us tonight. LOL! Poor guy.