Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three Weeks 'Til Book 'Em NC

For the last few years, every February I make the trek from the north Georgia mountains to a small town in North Carolina called Lumberton for a massive, ever-growing writer's conference and book fair called Book 'Em North Carolina. I have such a great time during this one day event that I always immediately agree to come back the next year.

So here we are, a mere three weeks from the big day. I can't wait! I'll be there with bells on (*Remember to buy bells*) ready to meet and greet new readers and old with handfuls of chocolates, lots of smiles and conversation, and dozens of copies of the Liz Baker series.

If you'll be anywhere near Lumberton on February 22nd please, please, please stop by and say hello. The even is free to the public. With over 75 authors, publishers, and literary agents signing books and giving panel talks, you're bound to find something of interest.

Here are all the details:

When: February 22, 2014
Where: Robeson Community College in Lumberton, NC
Hours: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Check out the website for directions and hotel information, as well as a list of authors, talk schedules, and author seating. My table will be down the first hallway you come to as you pass the cash registers. But don't worry, the entire set up is one big circle. You'll come around to my table at some point.  :D

Monday, January 13, 2014

My mind is blown. Will I recover?

It has been a crazy, stressful, and cold last few weeks (months). Some days I've felt like my mind is blown and I'll never think up another good idea... or hell, remember what day it is.

Christmas was good. The kids had fun and they enjoyed their gifts. My "new" grandmother even came over for Christmas dinner, and brought me an interesting gift (I shared about it on Facebook). And then a few days later my oldest daughter turned 17 (I cried).

The kids were home from school for two weeks due to the holidays, and then right when they were supposed to start back the frigid weather moved in. School was canceled for two days and then they had a delay on the third. It was hectic, but I was glad to not have to go out in the cold.

It's not all on my kids though. They were actually more behaving during this school break than they have been in years. Tenants, income, bills, seasonal (I hate winter), and numerous other issues plague me at the moment. 

Overall, when stress hits my creativity plummets. I haven't written anything since November. It's not like I don't have books to write, because I certainly do. The 6th Liz Baker book is begging for my attention, right alongside the 1st book of a new series I'm starting, but I just shrug them off and go wallow in another episode of whatever T.V. series I'm currently enjoying.

Soooo, today I'm writing this blog. Not only to update you guys on what's going on, but also to jumpstart the writing side of my brain and to remind my fingertips what it feels like to type more than a Facebook status.

I have two more birthdays to work through (my youngest turning 9 & my own on Friday), and then it's the countdown to Book 'Em NC on February 22nd. I always look forward to seeing all the authors and readers in Lumberton, NC. This will be my third year attending and I always have a great time.

I hope you all have had a great holiday season. Now let's push into 2014 and make it a great year!