Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life Continues to Roll On ShadowRave
Hey there, blog Peeps! I want to warn you up front that this entry may be a bit long winded. You've been warned! :)

First, let me start off by saying that yes, I am fully aware that I've missed yet another release date for To Kill a Demon (Liz Baker, bk 6). I promise it's getting there, but there's no way in hell I'll put it out into the world in less than the condition I expect it to be in. My writing time has been nonexistent; my family will always come first. Plus, my editor is having her own family issues and has been MIA lately.

Usually I try mot to ever schedule a book release, or plans of writing a book when my kids are out of school for summer break. My writing time is when they're in school. That has always worked out, but somehow this year just didn't work the way I wanted it to, and I was stuck with an unfinished novel when school let out.


So here I am, the end of July is here and the book still isn't complete. My kids only have one month of summer break left and then I'll move forward from there. I probably only need like two more weeks to get this sucker in tip-top shape, and then send it to the editor. Then back cover blurb, and it's ready to go. It's just getting to the point where I have two weeks of uninterrupted work time to get it finished.

I like where the story has gone, and I know exactly how it will end. It's just getting the time to sit and write it all without the phone ringing or a kid screaming.

Oh, and I've been dealing with tenants, and the selling of one of my rental properties. That's stressful enough as it is. Fingers crossed the rental property sells soon and the rest of my current tenants behave themselves. :) Tim and I are tired of being landlords and are hoping to slowly bring our count down to just one rental property (his parents' house).

I've also helped my mom get her new accounting business started. I'm planning a remodel on our fifth wheel RV, and putting new flooring down and painting the inside of our own house. And if you'll stop by my other blog you'll see all the canning I've been doing this summer  Not to mention, my oldest daughter will be a senior in high school when school starts back, BUT she's also a dual enrollment student at the college in the next town, which starts on August 11th. She still doesn't have her own car (since she wrecked the one I bought her), so I'll either have to drive her so I won't be car-less, or I'll have to be car-less and let her drive my van. We also have to do a few more college tours, start all the college application processes (UGA opens apps on Sept. 2nd), and finally pull my hair out from all of it.

"Busy" is too minuscule a word for what I've been this summer.

Will you forgive me for being behind on the new book? I certainly hope so. I hope you'll all stick around and be there when it finally does release. Book purchases have been waaaayyyyyy down the last several months, so if you don't mind sharing the other books with your friends, family, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. I'd be forever grateful. <3

Smooches to you all!