Friday, April 5, 2019

The End!

Last week, I finally wrote those two little words I love the most: The End! Death's Seduction, book 7 of the Liz Baker series is finally finished. Woohoo! Well, if we wanna get technical, it's not "finished" since there's about half a dozen rounds of editing it will need to undergo, but for me..... IT'S DONE!


I'm so excited!

Mr. Silvers asked me the other day how long it had been since book 6 came out and I figured a few years, until I looked at the copyright page of book 6. Five years! *Gasp* I can't believe it has been 5 years already. Even I have forgotten a lot of the small details of the series and had to go back through my notes from the previous six books.

Granted, I've been through a LOT in the last five years, the most important being the cancer diagnosis of my mother, sooooo many treatments, and her ultimate passing eight months later. Not to mention, I started working a part time public job two years ago, and that has taken away a lot of my writing time over those years. I also had one daughter join the Army and another daughter graduate high school and move out on her own. I finally got my very own office last summer (and it has been glorious!) that I was able to set up to my liking. That helped the writing process tremendously.

In the meantime, you guys don't know just how much I appreciate all my loyal fans that have stuck around, sent me words of encouragement, kindness, and understanding, and those who shared the Liz Baker series with their friends and family while I've worked to get my writing life put back together. My heart swells from the love you guys have shown and it definitely fueled the fire in me to get this book finished.

Oh, and I've already started on book 8, as well. I'm planning to release it toward the end of this year. Two releases in one year?! I haven't done that in quite some time, and I'm excited about it this year.

Sooooooo, while I have everyone all excited with me now, I'd like to announce what everyone is waiting for.....

Death's Seduction, Liz Baker Bk 7 will be released on MAY 24th, 2019!

Normally book releases are at the beginning of a week, but I chose this day to honor my mother. May 24th will mark the 3 year anniversary of her passing, and while I miss her every single day, I know she would be so excited about the release of another Liz book. She loved to tell all her friends that her daughter is an author and she had all my books proudly displayed on her bookshelf for everyone to see. She had framed newspaper articles about me and even printed off online articles and blog posts to show everyone.

If you've read this far, thank you for sticking with me for all these years. I hope you're as excited about the new Liz Baker book as I am. Pre-Orders will start soon, and I'll share all of those links when it's time. Until then, check out the new cover above from the extremely talented Kelly Shorten. She has been the cover designer for every single Liz Baker book from the very beginning.

Lots of love to you all,