Friday, February 1, 2019

I finally found a title!

Deciding on a title for your book can sometimes be as trying a task as writing the back cover blurb for said book (it's hell!). You wouldn't think it would be so difficult, but it's like getting a teenager to come out of her room!

I had a running list of random words that *might* go together in some form or fashion to create an understandable title. Multiple Post-It notes with words, and lines through them, and frowning faces, and scribbles because I got distracted and hated everything I wrote stuck to my desk, laptop, and marker board. I even went so far as to have my 14 year old daughter on one computer while I was on another so she could look up synonyms for words as I searched on Amazon to make sure that title idea didn't already exist. All of that after I sat here and explained to her what the entire story is about.

It was bad! Trust me.

This went on for days and days, with NOTHING appealing to me. I even asked poor Mr. Silvers and his only question was, "Well, what's the story about?" I shook my head and replied, "No, I'm not going through that again!" I thrust a piece of paper toward him and demanded, "Tell me which one goes with the series!" And then he started asking me more questions, so I took the paper back and shooed him out of my office.

Wanna know what happened for me to finally come up with a title after many days of torment (because I can't get a cover created without a title!)? Are you ready for this?  Here you go................................................................................... 


Yep, you read that correctly.  I went to bed.  As I tried to fall asleep, and struggling due to all the nonsense in my head, the title slapped me in the face and just came to me. I had to immediately grab my phone and type it into the notepad app for fear of falling asleep and forgetting it forever. I've had that happen before. Whew!

Sooooo, staying with the theme of my Liz Baker series, book seven's title is: 


I also have a release date and just contacted my Liz Baker cover designer to start the ball rolling on all of that. But those are posts for another day. :D  Right now I'm just excited to give this project a name and be one step closer to releasing it to the public.

See you next time!