Monday, May 18, 2015

Characters: Getting to Know Annalise Baker

Image by Teresa Laing @
I started this blog series a while back and haven't kept up with it, sooooo here's a new one.

Annalise Baker is Liz's mother. She is descended from very talented and powerful witches, but never seemed to have any powers of her own. Powers seem to skip generations in Annalise's family.

Annalise and Liz's step-father, Matthew, had a rough marriage both before and after Liz's conception. She finally divorced Matthew after 15 years of marriage and terrible abuse and torment.

When Adele, her best friend, drags Annalise away from home for a girls weekend, she meets Gregory. She quickly falls for him and unexpectedly falls into his bed. Thus, the conception of our hero.

When a gypsy soothsayer informs Annalise and Adele that the fate of her new daughter is in peril, the scared mother does the only thing she can to ensure a long life for her child. After several years of slowly dying from cancer (presumably), Annalise Baker passes on to the afterlife. This is where we meet Annalise.

In spirit form, she advises, informs, and helps our hero understand the new world she has been thrust into, and in the process finds her soul mate.

We hope Annalise and her soul mate are living out their happily ever afterlife!