Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another lovely weekend...

Ahhh, it's gorgeous here this weekend. The sun is shining, it's warm, and we just finished playing in the pool. It's nice out there. Even the toddler had a good time in the pool today (she usually clings to the neck of whoever is holding her). We worked on her doggie paddling and she thought she was big stuff.

The hubby isn't begging to go anywhere either!! *shock* We only have 1 month until vacation and he seems to finally have decided to stop wasting money that we could be saving to spend on the island. LOL. Took him long enough!

I've been dealing with a little touch of writer's block lately. All you can do is wait for it to pass and then jump back into your work feet first. I can feel it slowly passing andI'm happy about it. I feel so bored when I'm not writing regularly, but all I can do is stare at the computer screen if I try to write. Sooo, all you can do is wait it out and hope it passes quickly. Mine has been going for about two weeks now. Not much longer... hopefully.

Ok I better go. The toddler is asking for a snack and the hubby just came in with today's mail. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen for the summertime!

Good morning to all of you beautiful people out there. I hope that you're doing well this morning and the bright rays of the sun are shining down warmly upon you. Was that too sappy? Yeah, I thought so. LOL! How's this.... Get up off your lazy ass and go do something! It's only Thursday for goodness sakes! ;-) Too harsh?

This morning I'm in a fiesty mood. Can you tell? The kids are now out of school for the summer and I fully expect to have a migraine by the end of the day. But before all of that begins, how about my Thursday Thirteen?

This week's topic is:

Thirteen Things I Plan to Do This Summer

1. Play in the pool.
2. Get a lovely tan.
3. Read a book that I'm not writing.
4. Write a book that's not finished.
5. Have a thriving vegetable garden.
6. Not yank all my hair out by the roots.
7. Not go gray from the constant bickering (that's what my red hair dye is for).
8. Go on vacation in 1 month. YAY for the beach!!!!
9. Not get sunburned at the beach.
10. Get cuddly (read: get laid) with the hubby while on vacation.
11. Look forward to school starting in August.
12. Have my cover designer create the cover for the next book that's scheduled for release in October.
13. Just be me. I love the summertime. I'm a sun-lover and absolutely adore the longer, warmer days.

See? I'm in a fiesty mood, especially after realizing what I wrote for #10. LOL!! Hopefully I won't go insane while the kids are home. I swear that the older they get the more difficult it is for them to not fight, bicker, argue, scream, complain, etc. They are at each others' throats all the time. But I have a few tricks up my sleeves when the fighting starts this year. There's this job that no one likes to do called... WEEDING! And now that my oldest has learned to mow the grass, that will be another punishment I can use. YAY! Lawncare that I don't have to perform, here they come! HA HA, punks!

They're cuties, but behind those smiles you'll find some little demons cackling it up as mommy slowly goes senile. ;-)

Here's to having a sane Thursday and a fun weekend to come. Til next time....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Blogoversary!

Happy Blogoversary to my blog. Today it turns a whole 1 year old. A year ago is was nothing but a bland template like all the others. And look at it now! It's all grown up, full of images, links, and my thoughts. I love my blog!

Here's to many, many more blogoversarys to come. :-)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Birth at Dawn on Amazon

Hi all. I know it's the weekend and we're all busy for the holiday, but I promised to announce this when it happened. So here it is...

A Birth at Dawn is now on Woohoo!

I know that many people feel more comfortable buying from Amazon rather than directly from the author, so here you go. :-)

A.B.A.D. on Amazon

Ok back to your regularly scheduled holiday weekend. :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday already?

Good morning out there in blog-land. :-) I hope that everyone woke up feeling happy, healthy, and energized! Yeah, me neither. LOL. I'm so not a morning person... never have been and never will be.

It's that day of the week again, time for the Thursday Thirteen. I'm still for suggestions from my readers, so feel free to send me any TT ideas you may have, or just things you'd like to know about me. :-)

This week's topic is......

Thirteen Things About My Books

1. There are vampires in them.
2. There are werewolves in them.
3. There's SEX in them (yummy, yummy).
4. There are fierce battles in them.
5. I love them and think you should read them. LOL
6. The sex scenes make me blush when people want to discuss them with me. (So they must be good, right?)
7. They are just the beginning of a series, so you'll hav plenty to read.
8. I've been told that they leave you begging for more when you reach the last page (that's why it's a series, lol).
9. Even some men are reading them!
10. Each book has an ending that will shock and excite you.
11. None of the above apply to Toddler Logic: 50 Things That Your Toddler Wants You to Know! LOL That wouldn't quite work out well. LOL!
12. Toddler Logic is the perfect gift for new parents, parents of toddlers, and even those of us past the toddler stages.
13. Toddler Logic will make you laugh and cry at the things our kids do.

Ok, so that wasn't very revealing about myself, but I can only reveal so much before you know all about me anyway. LOL. Maybe I just sparked someone's interest in my books and created a potential new fan.

Check out my books!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Get your own free Blogoversary button!

Wow, I found this cute Blogoversary thingy yesterday. Until I saw it, I never even thought about my anniversary for blogging. I had to go back through my posts to see when my first one actually was. How neat is it that my blogoversary is in 5 day?

I resisted started a blog for a long time. Everyone wa doing it and I've never been one to follow the crowd with things like that. Besides, who would want to read the rantings and ravings of Christie Silvers? Boy was I surprised!

When I finally gave in and created this blog I never imagined that I'd like it so much. It has been a lot of fun! I've enjoyed sharing my life and personality with everyone and I really like getting comments from my readers.

I'm just amazed that it has been a year already (well, in 5 days anyway). I've made this blog over about 4 times in the last year and each time has been a little more extravagant than the last. I found out that I really liked doing that, even if it did take a lot of time to do it. That's when I made the blog for Less Than Traditional Moms. I think it turned out great and totally matches the atmosphere of that group. But again, it was a lot of work so I wouldn't want to do it all the time. LOL.

Anyway, all of this is just today's rambling. It's almost my blogoversary! YAY to my blog! LOL

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I love it!

Yep, my new laptop came yesterday and this thing is awesome! Having the old one certainly makes me appreciate this one all the more. I can't believe how fast it is and I didn't even get a big one. It's crazy.

This one has Windows Vista in it, so that takes a little getting use to. But it's not that much different from XP that's on my desktop. I expected something terrible to use with all of the negative reviews out there for Vista. But I don't see the problem. Could be that I've only been using it for less than 24hrs... LOL!

It took me about an hour to get all of my files, images, favorites, email addys, and book drafts moved over to the new one. Then I had to clean out the old one for the girls to play with. I set up their email addys and then let them add all of their favorites themselves. They were ecstatic. LOL!

Oh, and the hubby has already started asking to use it to track his Nascar races on Sundays. BLAH to him! He's not touching it for a while. LOL!

So I'm off for now. I just thought I'd stop in and update about the new laptop. I see many days of writing ahead for this lovely purple computer. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's delivery day!

YAY! It's Monday, May 19th and I'm awaiting the arrival of my brand new laptop. Woohoo! It was finally shipped out Friday and I've been keeping an eye on the tracking information since then. Today's the day!

On a different note, my hubby and I finally got our pool put up Saturday and we got the garden planted. We did a lot of cleaning up around the house and putting the pool up was hell. By the end of Saturday both of us were sooooo stiff and the soreness was kicking in. LOL. Tim was walking around like an old man for a little while. What's funny is that I was already sore from my personal workout routine Thursday and Friday. I was soooooooo sore yesterday. Today's better, but there are a few spots where I'm going OUCH when they are used. LOL. Soreness is good though. It means you're living your life!

I have had a headache for three days now. This is a routine with me. Every so many weeks I'll had a hell of a headache for three days. I feel horrid on day three--sick to my stomach, exhausted, utterly drained--but after three days my headaches are always gone. So tomorrow should be a good day.

Anyway, I just wanted to update about the computer. It should be here today and I plan to play with it as soon as I can get it out of the box. LOL Lets hope that my DHL guy is in a quick delivery mood today. ;-)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This has been one slow, boring week around my house. It's usually so busy and hectic, so you'd think that I'd enjoy a slow week. Nope, it appears that I get bored easily when I'm not busy. LOL.

This week's Thursday Thirteen is about links of interest that relate to me, my books, and/or my writing. :-)

13 Links You May Be Interested In:

1. A brand new interview just released on 5/14/08!
2. My MySpace Page
3. My Facebook Page
4. Book Excerpts
5. My Monthly Newsletter
6. Book Trailers
7. My Associated Content Articles
8. My EZine Articles
9. My Amazon Profile
10. My Netflix Profile
11. My author's forum at CoffeeTimeRomance
12. My few photos on DeviantArt
13. My Website :-)

That's a lot of links and no where near as many as I really have. I have many, many pages all across the net on many different types of topics. These are just my main ones.

A little update on my new laptop. I contacted customer services and found out that it will be shipped out any day now. I was hoping to have it by tomorrow, but it looks like it'll be next week instead. Luckily this weekend is suppose to be nice and we will be outside planting our vegetable garden... so I won't have time to obsess over the laptop. LOL.

The hubby and I have to head to a funeral this afternoon. One of his cousins passed away Monday morning and DH is one of the pallbearers. I have to pick the girls up early from school and DH is only working half a day. It looks like we are about to get hit by a big rain storm. Hopefully it will either end before we have to leave or wait until the funeral is over before it starts.

I hope you're having a nice Thursday. It's almost the weekend!! YAY!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm so impatient.

I really am! I ordered my new Dell laptop on Friday and I'm dying for it to arrive...NOW! And it's only Tuesday! *cry* I'm so screwed. LOL!

This is one of my slow weeks and that just adds to my impatience. I could be writing, but I want to wait on the new computer. I've got all my files, web links, email addresses, and everything else organized and sitting in limbo waiting to be transferred to the new one. Soooo, I don't wanna screw with my files until then.

On the upside, I've promised my old laptop to my older two daughters and that has surprisingly sparked a cleaning bug in my oldest. She went on a house cleaning spree and was cleaning stuff no one had asked her to clean! Needless to say, I was both shocked and excited at this current frame of mind. I know that it will disappear as soon as I hand the laptop over to them, but for the time being I'm enjoying having less work to do. :-) She even said she would clean both bathrooms today after school! I hate cleaning the bathrooms so I'm not going to argue, that's for sure!

I hope that everyone is having a nice Tuesday. I just wanted to ramble about my impatience. I usually just go to town and buy a computer, so this waiting mess is not my style. LOL! Come on Dell, ship that baby out!! ;-)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thurday Thirteen

It's that day of the week again. It's almost the weekend, but not quite yet. I like Fridays much better. LOL.

So this week all my family is focused on is that nice stimulus check that is scheduled to arrive in our checking account tomorrow. Of course all of it is earmarked for other things already. so this week's Thursday Thirteen is.....

13 Things We Will be Doing with Our Money

1. Some will go into the savings account for our vacation in July.

2. Some will rent the hubby a "bobcat" so that he can work around the house and smooth out the driveway.

3. Some will go to bringing in a dump truck load of fresh gravel for the driveway.

4. Some will buy us a new pool for the family to enjoy this summer (I've refused to drive around for entertainment this summer, so everyone will be in the pool until vacation).

5. Some will go toward the speeding ticket the hubby brought graced me with last Friday. He was doing 77 in a 55.

6. I'll be buying myself a few new items of clothing.

7. Groceries

8. Bills

9. Gas

10. A few more garden supplies/plants/seeds.

11. I'm sure the girls will beg for some of it.

12. The hubby will find something he wants, lol.

13. Lastly, my favorite is..... I'm buying myself a brand new Dell laptop! My 2nd-hand, $35, eBay, laptop is retiring into the hands of our two older children. I'm sure it'll move on to laptop heaven with them in control. LOL!

So, as you can see, our check is gone before it gets here. But it's nice to be able to have it to do things with.

My old laptop is a second (or third) hand laptop that is a 2000 model Compaq Armada. I bought it for $35 on eBay and I've had it for almost 2 yrs. It's been a good little (heavy) laptop and it was my first. BUT it is very old in computer yrs and it's sooooo slow. I have absolutely nothing but my works-in-progress on it and the memory is half full. LOL Plus it keeps giving me a blue screen saying something to the effect of "Dumping Memory". THAT can't be good! LOL

I'm so excited for the new one! It's has more processing power than our desktop computer! Not to mention that the 80GB hardrive is wayyyyyy bigger than the 6GB in my old laptop. LOL Oh, and the best part..... it's purple! My all-time favorite color ever!

Well, I guess that's enough gushing for today. How about I just throw up a photo from the Dell site.....
Pretty, huh? LOL!
Have a great Thursday!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

So, who plans on drinking & partying heavily tonight? Yeah, me neither. LOL! That would make for one sucky Tuesday morning for those that have to ge up and go off to a public job. BLAH! Save that partying for the weekend. :-)

I thought I'd stop by and share a brand new book review for my newest book, A Birth at Dawn. I thought it was a wonderful review!


A Birth at Dawn by Christie Silvers is an exciting vampire and were/vampire romance that continues you through it on the edge of your seat waiting for the next piece of action to occur. Vampire families do exist if you believe. If you are a true vampire romance fan this is a must read and I look forward to the next book in the series and so should you!

Mind Fog Reviews ~ Anastasia Cassella-Young


What do you think? Not bad, eh? :-)

Ok, now I'm off to write my weekly blog entry for Less Than Traditional Moms. Stop by and check it out if you have time. :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5/1/2008

Gosh, can you believe that it's already May 1st? Where have the months gone? On the upside, this brings me a month closer to my beach vacation. LOL! It's the only real vacation that we ever take and I always look forward to it so much. What's more relaxing than lying on the beach, the sun shining down on you, and listening to the waves beating against the shore? Awww, I may need to pull out my home videos from last summer to get a dose of that sound. ;-)

So, it's Thursday again, and here I am trying to figure out what my Thirteen should be about. I never know until I sit down to write it. But this time I'm in a gardening mood, so I'll post about my upcoming garden planting............

Thirteen Things I'll Be Planting:
1. corn
2. green beans
3. beets
4. cucumbers
5. tomatoes
6. potatoes
7. bell peppers
8. leaf lettuce
9. carrots
10. watermelon
11. cauliflower
12. cabbage
13. onions

There you have it! With gas and food prices going so high, we will be cutting back on a lot of things this summer. So the family and I have decided that we will grow a large garden this summer. I'd like to have enough produce growing to feed us during the summer AND to have enough for freezing and canning for the winter. I've also informed the kids and hubby that this is a FAMILY project, not a MOMMY project. I expect them all to help if they plan on eating. LOL!

Alright, that's it for today. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday. :-)

And the winner is.....

Trish W. from Oregon! Congratulations to Trish for being the winner of my Spring Poster Give-Away. I hope you enjoy your autographed mini posters.

For those of you who didn't win, don't worry as there will be more give-aways and contests in the future. :-) As always, I'll post about future contests here on the blog when they happen.