Friday, April 24, 2020

Surviving a Quarantine

My first attempt at Dandelion Jelly.
Happy Friday, everyone! Did you know it was Friday? LOL! I had to look on my phone to make sure before I typed that out.

As I type this, I'm sitting in my office listening to my husband outside cutting up a fallen tree, my youngest daughter (15yr old) is in her room watching Youtube on her television and some other video on her cell phone (most definitely NOT school-related), and my pregnant daughter is texting me about all her aches and pains (she has 4 wks left). I also see my Boston Terrier sitting in my office doorway because the dogs aren't allowed in here. The world around us feels chaotic, but my household looks and sounds pretty normal right now.

I've been off my day job since the middle of March, and in that time I've accomplished a lot of household things. I've been doing a lot of canning, baking, cleaning, and home projects. We planted a huge garden, and have been working around the property. Tim even installed a new water line so I'd have easier access for watering the garden. This is Tim's second week home with me and I think he's starting to get bored. LOL! Time to find more for him to do. :D

During my time at home, the Coronavirus caused the cancellation of my daughter's baby shower. I had a huge party planned for my first grandchild. I rented a local venue and was buying up decorations and planning the menu when all this started. We waited and waited, until I couldn't wait any longer, and then I cancelled it. Instead, we did a virtual Facebook Live shower where my daughter and her boyfriend opened gifts and we thanked everyone who generously sent those gifts in advance. It wasn't the shower we planned, but it was something at least.

On the author side of things, I managed to watch a webinar about audiobooks, as it appears a lot of people are enjoying them. Take a moment and let me know your thoughts on audiobooks. Do you listen to them?

I also added one of my freebie books to BookFunnel. If you've read the Liz Baker series and the first book in the Penny Montague series, you might enjoy the short story crossover Sorrow Meets Death. It's always free for the taking.

Well, since I've rambled long enough, if you've made it this far I'll send you off with a few pics of some of the projects around here. Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

Homemade Turkey Stock

Homemade Baked Beans

A little folding chair my girls used as children.
Repainted for our grandson

Lastly, my sweet daughter today, 1 day shy of 36wks pregnant.