Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ooohhh, tomorrow is Halloween!

It's that time of the year again. Time for all the little ghouls and goblins to go out in search of chocolate and hard candies. I can't believe how fast 2007 has flown by. With each passing year the months seem to go by quicker than the year before. Maybe that comes with age, maybe it's how great years go by (much too quickly) or maybe it's just me.

2007 has been a wonderful year in my household. I've had so much fun with my writing this year. I've greatly enjoyed all of my wonderful and loyal readers who email me and leave me messages. You are all so kind and I appreciate your wonderful reviews and thoughts about my books.

Back to Halloween, tomorrow I will be out and about taking my little girls out in search of enough refined sugar to strangle a horse with. They will each be dressed in their chosen costumes and I will be forced to take them from house to house to beg for candy that no one really needs. LOL! But, we will have fun and at the end of the night everyone will be happy and tired.

My oldest is going as a punk rocker (like she knows what that means, lol), my middle daughter will be going as a zombie soccer player (don't ask me where she came up with that one) and my youngest will be going as a ghost. Even I have a costume!

Anyone want to see me as a Gothic Sorceress? Probably not, but that's the one I've got. LOL! I even colored my hair blood red over the weekend and have long, black, spider-web fingernails that I need to apply tonight. Oh and least I forget about the fishnet stockings and knee-high boots. The hubby can't wait! LOL!

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for today. I hope that everyone has a wonderful time on Halloween and that all the kiddies accumulate enough junk food to live off of the sugar high for several weeks to come. :-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Time Goes By So Quickly.

Ahhh, why do the years fly by so fast? One minute we are watching our babies while they take their first steps and the next minute they are grown. My oldest daughter will be going to her very first party tonight. The type of party where I'll be dropping her off and then picking her back up when it's over. DH is NOT happy about it, but then again what daddy would be happy about it? LOL. The poor man has a lot in store for him if he gets upset about a little party for 10/11 year old girls. LOL.

If anyone had told me five years ago if I would be where I am today I wouldn't have believed them. We were dealing with so much five years ago. My dad was sick with ALS and only months away from leaving us. Life was hard back then.

These days things are great. Finances are never great (even though I'm hoping that will change with the new year), but life in general with my family is just wonderful. We are all happy and, after almost 14years of marriage, I couldn't be more in love with my wonderful husband than I am right now.

All of this rambling is simply to say that time goes by so quickly and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Even if you are dealing with a tough time right now, you never know what's around the corner of tomorrow. Keep your chin up and try to enjoy today because it will be gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Super WAHM!

If you are a Super WAHM or would like to be a WAHM, stop by and check out this interesting contest at SuperWAHM.net This contest is in honor os Breast Cancer Awarness Month and there will be three winners who will win some great goodies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A New Family Member!

This cute little girl is a stray puppy that has been hanging around the in-laws' house. We went for our visit today and the puppy fell in with Kaitlyn as well as she with it. The pup cried and whined when we walked away from it. We went and had lunch with the in-laws and then Tim & I discussed this cute lttle pup for a couple hours before we gave in, bought doggy supplies and went to get it. The girls are sooo happy.

People are constantly asking if Tim & I will have more children. Our answer is always no. We have three lovely daughters and we are so happy with them. I have no desire, at this moment, to have more children and my poor hubby is already covered up with female hormones in the house. LOL.

Anyway, we now have a pup to tend to. We've had dogs before, but this time I have the two older girls to help me care for it. No more relying solely on mommy for puppy duty. YAY!

This pup doesn't have a permanent name yet. The girls have gone through a whole slew of names, but nothing seems right, LOL. Right now we're trying out Maddy, but who knows what that will be changed to once the big girls get home from school today.

Oh, and before I forget, North Georgia is getting rain today! YAY! We soooo need it and MUCH more.

I hope you all have a great Monday. :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spending time with the family.

Today was one of those days where all I wanted to do was stay at home, clean the house and then relax with my family. Unfortunately, my husband had other plans. He whines all week about having to drive an hour to and from work and yet one the weekends, when he could be relaxing at home, he wants to go, go, go. Drives me batty.

Anyway, today he just HAD to go to Wal-Mart. No reason, just wanted to go and look around to see if he could find some little piece of useless trash that no one really needs. So after him bothering me for an hour, while I was trying to get some work done, I finally say FINE and off we go.

Well, our normally sweet-as-pie 2 yr old decided that today would be a fantastic day to practice her tantruming skills. If you have kids you know the kind of tantrums where you're trying to get a kicking and screaming toddler out of the store while hoping that no one thinks you're kidnapping them. LOL. It was hell! LOL. She screamed all the way home (30 min drive). All the while DH is asking if I want to stop somewhere for lunch. HELL NO! Sheesh!

We get home and then I realized that I had forgotten something in town. DUH! So we load up and go back to town, get that item taken care of and then back home. When we make it home this time I proceed to make the girls pigs in blankets and fries for dinner. About an hour later we went outside, started up the firepit and let them roast a whole bag of marshmellows.

After all that, I had to bring them in, bath them and get them in their pjs. Finally is was 7:30pm and I rushed the 2yr old off to bed, pushed the older two into my room for some quiet cartoon time and am now on the computer while DH is playing on his PS2.

Ahhhhh, peace and quiet at last. All I wanted was a peaceful day at home and this is what I received. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

May you have a nice Saturday evening with the ones you love the most.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I love reader comments!

Just like the title states, I love receiving comments from my readers. Today I received one and it made my day. As a writer, you write what you "feel". You write the stories that mean something to you. But, in the end you really want other people to like your stuff as much as you do. So when I receive comments from my readers saying how much they loved the story, how they can't wait to read the next one and how the enjoyed one character or another, it absolutely makes my day. I truly enjoy conversing about my storylines and characters with my readers.

So if you would like to chat with me, feel free to drop me a line through my contact page on my website. I'm a normal person and very approachable. I promise not to bite, unless you ask me to. LOL!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coffee Time Romance

A few weeks ago I ran across this wonderful website called CoffeeTimeRomance.com. This website is choke full of wonderful information about romance novels and their authors. I've been roaming around the site since I found it, when I have time, and I finally decided to join the forum. Well, that was two days ago. I introduced myself and spoke a little about A Midnight Infatuation.

Today I was happily surprised with an email, from the webmistress/co-owner of CTR, offering me my very own section in the Author's Coffee Corner section of the forum. Of course I graciously accepted! Who wouldn't? LOL!

So, not only can you find me on my website, here on my blog, on MySpace, on Yuwie and on numerous other places all over the World Wide Web, but now you can join me over at Coffee Time Romance!! Come on over and check it out and if you decide to sign up feel free to tell them that ChristieSilvers sent you! :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update on Nascar Race Post.

Dh & I had a blast at the Nascar race in Charlotte, NC this past Saturday. We arrived at 2:30pm (after a 5 hr drive), checked into our hotel, met up with our friends and headed straight to the track. It was crazy crowded, but very exciting. I'm not a race fan, but even I had fun. My hubby was estatic.

After the race, we didn't get back to our hotel room and in bed until 3am! I swear it was like a herd of cattle when the race was over. Everyone was trying to leave all at the same time and the crowds were so big that it was just one big ocean of people as far as the eye could see. Insanely crowded.

Then the next morning we got up at 9am and were checking out of the hotel by 10am. We said good bye to our friends and headed back to Georgia. We hit a traffic jam in Atlanta that screwed with our travel time so it was 5 1/2 hrs before we got back home. In the end, we made it back all in one piece, but completely exhausted. LOL!

For those of you interested, you can check out a few of our pictures from the race HERE. DH is now begging me to buy tickets for the Atlanta race next weekend. He's not asking much...and thanks for the advance notice. *rolls eyes* Men!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Midnight Infatuation - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

Interested in reading chapter 1 of my new book? Well, wait no longer! Take a look at the first chapter of this exciting new book on my MySpace blog and don't forget to check out my newly designed website and the contest that I'm running for the month of October......only 16 days until I announce the winner!

Christie Silvers

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nascar Race......

The title says it all. LOL. DH & I are going to our very first Nascar race tomorrow night. Dh watches the races on Sundays (and the ocassional Saturday) and he thoroughly enjoys them, but we've never been to one. Well, my good friend Jami invited us to go with her and her hubby so we're going to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for an overnight....without any children!

This will be the very first overnighter for the husband and I, without any children, since our oldest was born almost 11 years ago. *shocking* It will be quite interesting, to say the least. Of course I pity my mother. LOL. She'll have her hands full with three fiesty girls.

I hope that all of you will have a fabulous weekend and if you happen to be at the race and spot me give a wave and say Hi! :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A new design!

Hi everyone! As you can tell, my blog here has had a makeover. This is so that it will coincide with the redesign of my website http://www.christiesilvers.com Everything has been cleaned up with a new look, layout, design and all around cleaner look. Stop by and check it out.

So what do you all think of the new header? My good friend Mis created it for me and I absolutely love it! She does good work. If you're looking for someone to make banners/headers then I highly suggest talking to her. Her site is http://www.aplacenextdoor.com Tell her Christie sent you! :-)

As you can see on the right, I have added a sign-up box for people to use in order to receive updates via their email when this page is updated. This will keep people from coming back and being disappointed that I haven't posted something new to read. :-)

Lastly, don't forget about the contest that I'm running during the month of October. I will be announcing the winner on Halloween so there's still time for you to join in on the fun. Check it out at http://www.christiesilvers.com/photocontest .

The website is updated, the blog is updated and I will be working on my MySpace page next. Be on the lookout. :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Favorite TV Quotes

I love television. Well, I love GOOD television. I'm not a lover of the crime shows like CSI (and all of its spin-offs) or any of the other shows like that. BUT, I absolutely love the show Bones on Fox. Bones cracks me up. Last night's episode gave me my new most favorite quote......

"I don't care what's happening in your pants... As long as you keep it in your pants." Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro.

That line just cracked me up last night, and still does this morning as I think about it. I love it!

So what's your current favorite tv quote?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well, I did it this morning. I joined the NaNoWriMo contest. I'm very excited to join in on this activity. Everyone that I have spoken with seems to have enjoyed their time with it, so I figured that I'd jump in on it this year and use the month of November to crank out the first draft of my next novel in the Fiona/Alex series. It should make for an interesting November. Luckily, I've convinced my little sister to be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year and my husband has been warned that he will get absolute ZERO attention during the month of November. LOL!

Ah well, it should be fun and it will be a great way to get my creative juices flowing and force my fingers to fly across the keyboard.

For those of you who don't know what NaNoWriMo is, you can check it out at http://www.nanowrimo.org Stop by and join in!

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's finally here! That is, it's finally October 1st!

It is finally here! The 1st of October marks the release of my much anticipated paranormal romance novel, A Midnight infatuation.

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy, you can read all the details about this book, purchase your own copy and even purchase an autographed copy by visiting the book's page on my website.
A Midnight Infatuation by Christie Silvers

Don't forget about my October Contest that also began today. I hope that everyone will participate and have fun doing so. :-)

Alexander is a 150 year old vampire with a lust for blood. But, the blood isn't all that he enjoys. He thoroughly delights in the act of taking blood from an unwilling victim. The ear-piercing screams are like music to his undead ears. That is, until her met HER!

Fiona is a 30 year old werewolf. She's just like any other modern-day woman that you would meet in the teller line at your local bank. She has to deal with her annoying family, numerous failed relationships--including one where she found her boyfriend in bed with HIS boyfriend--and pressure to marry from everyone around her.

Alex becomes instantly infatuated with the lovely Fiona and is very intrigued by the unusual scent that emanates from her. His infatuation becomes very useful when Fiona's pack decides to instigate their "Fight or Wed" law; which in turn leaves Fiona lying on a forest floor bleeding profusely. Alex is forced to do what vampires do... turn her!

With Fiona's pack hot on their trail, what will become of this unusual pair? Will they be able to avoid Fiona's pack of vicious revenge-seeking werewolves? Will Fiona be able to look past Alex's undead demeanor?

You'll have to read A Midnight Infatuation to find out!

Christie Silvers