Thursday, April 15, 2021

Author Feature: Maggie Tideswell's Interview with a Seducer

Interview With A Seducer
A Bewildering Love Story

Trip Murgatroyd is a hotter than hot sex worker. He is happy with his life, with what he does for a living - he is comfortable in his own skin. 

Then he receives an unusual request – to be Rachel’s 30th birthday gift. 

An uber-hot escort is an unlikely candidate for a rather prim, over-protected widow
to befriend. And who had ever heard of a jealous ghost?
Trip and Rachel would most likely never have met, had Rachel's friend not come up with this original birthday gift idea. Rachel was meant to close her eyes, and say 'thank you' afterward.

But, the concept of a stranger paid to spend the night with her did not sit well with her. She
couldn't be part of his harem. So, questioning the man about his 'work' in a very public place,
was as far as she was prepared to go.
However, the plan was doomed from the start - having never encountered a man like him
before, she never stood a chance against his charm - the seducer was good at what he did for
a living.
And her husband objected.
Since his death, Lawrence had been hanging around the house, reading the newspaper,
watching TV - until  Rachel's meeting with Trip. Then he made his displeasure known -
Rachel had promised him forever, and he was holding her to it.
But Rachel was a young woman - she wanted to love again. 

How was she to escape her jealous husband's ghost?

Interview With A Seducer is a steamy paranormal romance for adult readers.

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About Maggie Tideswell

Maggie Tideswell is an international bestselling author with a passion for romance. Ghosts just can't seem to leave her alone. She combines things that can't be explained, sweaty bodies, and rumpled beds in a way that will make your toes curl and your hair stand on end.

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